Man Boobs Exercises

It’s easy for people to laugh about man boobs and make jokes out of men who are suffering from this embarrassing condition. But if you are one of them, you know pretty well that it’s a serious condition.

You have probably searched far and wide for an effective solution, and have found all sorts of information from diet tips to man boobs exercises, all the way to herbal supplements and pills. The thing is, there is no shortcut to getting rid of man boobs. If you really want a fool-proof way of firming up your chest, you have to sweat it out. Here are five ways to do it:

First: Get those pecs working!

The most natural way of losing weight in the chest area is to spot-train the pectoral muscles to firm them up and burn the fat around them. Remember that more muscles equals less fat. One of the best man boobs exercises for the pecs area is the seated chest press.

To do this, you have to assume a sitting position with your back against the press. Slowly push the handle away from your chest up to the farthest point that you can go. Then gradually let go until you are back to your first position. While you do the routine, make sure to keep your upper body steady and your breathing in rhythm.

Second: Hit the pulley

Another good place to do some man boobs exercises is the pulley station. For this particular exercise, you will need to have both handles on either side of the station. For your starting position, stand before the pulley station, with feet slightly apart, and arms lifted up to the sides at shoulder level.

Hold the handles with each hand, keeping your elbows at a slight angle. Slowly bring the hands to your front until they are crossed over each other. Then move your hands back to the first position with a gradual, controlled movement. Repeat for eight to twelve times per set.

Third: Do some inclined lifts

This is one of the easiest man boobs exercises that you can try on an inclined bench. Set the bench at an angle of 45 degrees. You will also need to get a pair of dumbbells at a comfortable weight. To begin, lie down on the inclined bench, with each hand holding a dumbbell. Raise the dumbbells above your chest, keeping your arms stretched. The objective of this routine is to control the downward movement of your hands as you bring the dumbbells down to your shoulder level. Repeat the exercise for eight to twelve times per set.

There are other man boobs exercises that you can try, depending on the level of complexity that you can handle. Remember that the best exercises are those that work out the chest area the most, so you are sure that you burn fat in the right places, firm up the right muscles. With a little sweat and some patience, you’ll be sure to transform those man boobs into beefcakes.